• Safe, Organic and GMO FREE
  • Outperforms Big Name Brands
  • Save up to 60% each washing load!
  • Eliminate over 99% of plastic packaging

The Happi Revolution

Laundry Liquid that makes a difference!

Introducing a different kind of clean… A powerful, all-natural organic cleaning formula that not only helps clean your clothes but clean the planet too! Happi is helping combat plastic laundry pollution by providing a stainless steel bottle and refill pouches designed to reduce 99% of plastic laundry waste. Happi is certified organic, made from powerful natural cleaning ingredients that perform even better than the big brands. Join the #happiearth movement today and experience the difference in harm-free laundry liquid that makes a difference!

A Happi Solution To a BIG Problem

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    Unnecessary Plastic Packaging Did you know that most laundry liquids contain 90% water? Larger bottles give a higher perceived value but this common marketing trick is creating lasting and irreversible environmental impacts.
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    Plastic Oceans Approximately 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris fill our oceans. Around 269,000 tons floats on the surface & 4 billion plastic microfibres cover the deep sea per square km.
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    Wicked Ingredients Cleaning agents, optical brighteners, harmful fragrances , biocides and bleach are just some of the wicked ingredients found in common laundry liquids. Many of these ingredients are extremely harmful to humans.

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