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  • Safe, Organic and GMO FREE
  • Outperforms Big Name Brands
  • Save up to 60% each washing load!
  • Eliminate over 99% of plastic packaging

The Happi Revolution

Laundry Liquid that makes a difference!

Plant a tree

Every Happi purchase will plant a mangrove tree in the Happi Forest. Mangroves remove 5 X more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than any other tree and benefit our earth in a big way!


When tested against Australia’s leading laundry brand Happi performed 61% better (on an average across 8 independent lab tests). This highly-concentrated, powerful blend will leave your clothes smelling fresh and give them the REAL clean they need.


Every purchase reduces 13 plastic bottles on average from our environment, per household every year! By washing your clothes with Happi you can help eliminate plastic waste in a big way. Just one 1L (34 fl oz) Refill Pouch lasts 400 washes!

Happi Earth 5Ps


Happi is Wild Harvested, Fair Traded and Certified Organic with no GMO’s or hidden nasties! The only ingredients are Organic Soapberry Nut Concentrate, Organic Bean Glycerine, Organic Ethanol, Organic Orange Essential Oil and Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil.


The cost of your laundry liquid just got a whole lot happier! Your once a year Happi purchase not only saves you up to 60% on your laundry liquid costs every year but also the hassle of constantly buying new laundry detergent.

A Happi Solution To a BIG Problem

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    Wicked Ingredients Cleaning product manufactures are not required by law to tell you what’s in their products. We’re certain you would be disappointed if they did. Many ingredients in cleaning products have be shown to pollute water and harm fish and aquatic mammals. Not to mention their effect on humans. While the word 'wicked' may seem extreme when referring to cloths washing, the truth is many detergent ingredients are just that...
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    Unnecessary Plastic Packaging Did you know that most laundry liquids contain 90% water? Larger bottles give a higher perceived value but this common marketing trick is creating lasting and irreversible environmental impacts.
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    Plastic Oceans Approximately 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris fill our oceans. Around 269,000 tons floats on the surface & 4 billion plastic microfibres cover the deep sea per square km.

Plant a tree with
every purchase!

Your Happi Purchase = 1 Tree Planted

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