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  • Planting mangrove trees
  • Reducing Plastic Waste
  • Protecting The Oceans
  • Creating a Cleaner Earth


About WE.

We are Happi, an enterprise that has it’s roots in Australia. While there are some key initiators that could take credit for Happi, the reality is that it’s a collaborative creation.  We all form the Happi movement.  The initiating Happi-preneurs, growers of the Happi ingredients, the formulator, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, the user (Thank You) through to those that plant the mangrove trees. It’s ME with the M turned upside down. (WE)

A Happi-Purpose.

We imagine and work towards a happi-future and that future rests upon 3 key pillars,
A Happi-economy, Happi-work and Happi-organic-farms.


Your Happi Purchase = 1 Tree Planted

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HappiForest Welcome

Creating a #happiearth for everyone…

It’s time to start thinking about the way we consume and clean. For too long, big name cleaning brands have got away with selling cleaning products that are both harmful to us and the environment.

Did you know that most common laundry liquids contain 90% water, just to make the bottles look bigger? This means we are shipping and consuming alarming and unnecessary amounts of plastic around the world every day.

Help us put an end to plastic laundry pollution by refilling with eco-friendly paper pouches that last an entire year of washing. Our unique washing solution is the start of an environmental revolution! To give back to our environment even more, we have dedicated a forest in Myanmar called Happi Forest where we plant mangrove trees for every Happi purchase. Cool right?

Welcome to Happi Forest

We have a dedicated forest area that has been named Happi-Forest in Mynamar where we plant approximately 5,000 plants per hectare of mangrove forest. Mangrove are being destroying at an alarming rate. They must be both protected and replanted as they have an extremely high rate of carbon sequestration which is in the vicinity of 5 times that of a regular forest tree. Our mission is to help restore and replant these vital ecosystems.

Help plant 1 billion trees!

Every Happi purchase plants you 1 tree in Happi Forest. Join the #happiearth movement and play your part in giving back to our environment. Who thought buying laundry liquid was boring…..? Revolutionise the way you wash and help create a Happi Earth!

Happi Forest

1 Happi Purchase



Mangroves are one of the most productive ecosystems on the earth. They provide countless benefits to both our environment and us! Help restore and replant the mangroves and join us in our mission to plant 1 billion trees in the Happi Forest.

Happi Earth Tree

HelpSave The Mangroves

Mangrove forests are a home to many different species around the globe. They provide nesting and breeding habitats for fish, sea turtles, shellfish, birds and more, as well as a range of endangered species that are commonly found in mangrove forests. We need to protect and restore these critical habitats to create a happier earth for everyone, including the animals!

Mangrove trees have an extremely high rate of carbon sequestration which is 5 times that of a regular forest tree! As carbon emissions are a big part of the problem when it comes to global warming, having more mangrove trees on the earth means less carbon in our climate. This means that by conserving and replanting the mangroves, you are helping fight climate change.

Rural communities rely on mangroves to sustain and grow their environment. Healthy mangroves = healthy fish, clean waterways and healthy soil. This means, mangroves play a vital part in sustaining a natural environment so that fisherman can fish and farmers can farm on healthy land and provide for their families to help create a prosperous community.

Mangrove forests help protect coastlines from natural weather events and disasters around the world. They create a natural barrier, playing a part in protecting communities from floods, storms and hurricanes. Mangroves also help stabilise shorelines by slowing down the erosion process. With sea levels rising and natural disasters becoming more prominent around the globe, we need to protect the mangroves and utilise their natural benefits to our communities.

As they have dense roots and a vast array of surrounding vegetation, mangroves help maintain water quality by filtering and trapping sentiments and pollutants. These natural filtering systems help stop contaminants and pollutants from flowing downstream and entering other waterways too. As maintaining healthy water quality is essential to a healthy earth, it is vital that we conserve and replant mangrove forests.

Aside from their countless environmental benefits, mangrove trees also provide various materials used in building, food and medicinal products. For centuries, various communities worldwide have used the wood and extracts from mangrove trees for a range of purposes. From creating fishing poles and equipment to the production of honey, and charcoal, mangrove forests are packed with an abundance of powerful, beneficial materials.

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