Happi Earth Vs The Competitor Laundry Liquids: Who Offers The Best Laundry Detergent?

With so many options on the market for buying a good-quality laundry detergent that’s both tough on stains and soft on skin, it’s hard to even know where to start.

And finding a laundry detergent that ticks all of the boxes that your family needs from their washing routine is even harder. Environmentally-friendly, fabric softening, natural brightener, stain removing, pleasant-smelling, active enzymes… is it really possible to find a single laundry detergent that offers them all?

The Happi Earth team thinks so. So much so, they put them all to the test.

Happi Earth is revolutionising laundry routines, with their laundry detergent concentrate made with wild-harvested and fair-trade Himalayan soapnuts. One pouch of Happi Earth laundry concentrate lasts for 400 washes, which for most families equates to an entire year.

In terms of cost, each of those 400 loads of washing comes to 25c per load, perfect for the family on a budget - and as the laundry detergent ingredients are only certified-organic all-natural ingredients, like organic soapberry nut super-concentrate, organic bean glycerine, organic sugar cane ethanol and organic essential oils, you know it’s safe for your families precious skin, too.

So how does a laundry liquid like Happi Earth stack up against other laundry detergent manufacturers? Is there much comparison between them in finding the best laundry detergent on the market, or is it all very same-same when it comes down to the suds?

1. Let’s start with quality

When washing your clothes and linens, the last thing you want to see are stains and marks still present when pulling them out of the washing machine, right? It’s not only time-consuming to rewash everything, but makes you wonder whether the items are clean at all - and can affect the perception you have of yourself as you go about your day-to-day, wondering if people can smell that your clothes aren’t clean.

The secret to a great wash? It all lies in a good-quality product.

A powerful blend of good-quality cleaning agents will bind to the fabrics of the clothes (particularly grease, oil and dirt) and, upon interacting with the water, will not only pull the marks off, but essentially dilute them away. These cleaning agents are typically called surfactants; but know that not all surfactants are created equal.

Many big-name laundry detergents will put just about anything into their product range in their attempt to clean clothes and act tough on stains - and all to the detriment of your health. Nasty surfactants, particularly those containing quaternium compounds, like Linear Alkylbenzene Sulphonate (LAS) and Nonylphenol Ethoxylates are some of the same chemical compounds found in pesticides.

Not really anything you want so close to your skin.

In fact, in an efficacy test between Happi Earth and a major leading laundry detergent, Happi Earth’s laundry liquid concentrate outperformed it, representing an overall average performance of 161% across eight different tests.

When tested across tea, coffee, coloured corn starch, rice starch, blood, grass and bleached un-brightened white cotton - Happi Earth’s suds delivered the goods, not only cleaning the clothes better (getting deep into the fibre for a complete clean), but also brightened the clothes and naturally softened them, too.

Many people are hesitant of using commercial-grade soapnuts as they don’t perform so well, but as with anything, the quality of the product is usually very dependent on the source.

Our soapnuts are sourced from deep in the Himalayas and are certified-organic, wild-harvested and tended to by the local growers (our “Happi-preneurs ”, who we work with under fair-trade conditions so that they can comfortably support their families and work safely). Happi Earth then concentrates the soapnuts by 12 times, and we are proud to use them as the basis for our highly concentrated laundry detergent.

The beautiful thing about a good-quality soapnut, like Happi Earth’s, is that they actually brighten clothes, instead of dull them - flipping the traditional perception of a soapnut on its head. And with the organic glycerine content that makes them a natural fabric softener, it offers a far cry from the supermarket shelf staples of Coles and Woolworths laundry detergent aisles.

You see, many name brands will also separate their product range out in an attempt to encourage you to spend more across them all.

It’s entirely possible to have a washing detergent that not only cleans clothes, but softens and brightens them at the same time - but of course, with an all-in-one-product, your lifetime value (marketing speak for how much money they can make out of you) decreases significantly. Happi Earth is a laundry detergent that not only offers an independently-tested and proven quality wash to market leading detergents, but does not require you to spend across multiple bottles just to get the result you’re after in your washing. That’s true quality.

2. How do different laundry detergents fare on price?

A day-to-day cleaning product that’s essential to your hygiene routine shouldn’t be charging you a fortune just to attain - and you should always have access to accurate product ingredients. Did you know that amongst the cocktail of synthetic chemical ingredients many leading laundry detergents use, up to 90% water?

If you’re paying for water, what kind of value are you really getting? Let alone the pollution that is causing in unnecessary packaging and the extra weight shipping around causing air pollution.

And those upsell, jumbo-sized bottles many laundry detergent brands offer consumers as a way to upsell even further? The difference is also mostly water, as you need to use a higher amount of detergent per wash. Larger bottles give a higher perceived value but this common marketing trick only puts you further out of your own pocket - and deeper into theirs.

Per wash, the leading manufacturers best price equates to 31c (Omo PRODUCT NAME). With Happi Earth, our powerful concentrate formula lasts for 400 washes (which is at least a wash a day, and only 25c per full load of washing).

Plus, because we know that your washing machine will provide all the water you need, we make sure that only our high-concentrate and powerful ingredients make it into our washing formula. Nothing else, because that’s how it should be.

For a wider frame of reference, have a look at some of our other comparisons:

Happi Earth, per wash, saves you money whilst also delivering a better-quality product. And given you only need to buy one 1L pouch (34 fl oz) per year, the time saved desperately ducking out to the shops when you’ve run out of laundry detergent saves more than just your cash - but also your sanity.

3. What kind of environmental impacts do the leading laundry detergents have?

There are no two ways about it - we can all do more to reduce our environmental footprint, starting from today. And our laundry products are a great place to start.

Did you know that the average household goes through 13 bottles of laundry detergent per year? These are bottles mostly made from polyethylene terephthalate, a type of plastic that can take anywhere from 450 to 1,000 years to fully break down. Whilst that’s happening, they often sit on our beaches and our oceans, polluting our precious waterways, destroying our marine ecosystems and emitting gases that get trapped, in essence heating up our planet.

To put that into numbers, it is estimated that approximately 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris fill our oceans, made up of around 269,000 tonnes floating on the surface and 4 billion plastic microfibers covering the deep sea per square km.

The impacts are irreversible, but by making conscious, small changes to the way we consume everyday products now - we can significantly slow down this process, and stop making it worse.

Happi Earth’s laundry liquid is a powerful concentrate that lasts the entire year (400 washes) - meaning that you’re eliminating those 13 plastic bottles you previously may have been using. Our kraft paper pouches have a fine plastic film so that they do not leak have been designed to be returned to us, cleaned and reused to lessen significantly the impact to the environment.

With every purchase of Happi Earth, we also plant a tree in what we have called “The Happi Forest”, a mangrove forest located in Myanmar. Our support of this forest not only means that we are preserving and protecting an important environmental area, but actively contributing to its growth.

Mangrove forests are “extremely productive ecosystems that provide numerous good and services both to the marine environment and people within it.”

 How can I help the environment?
With every purchase of Happi Earth, we plant a mangrove tree in the Happi Forest to...

Sequence carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. A Mangrove forests takes on average 5 times the amount of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere than does a rainforest tree
With every purchase of Happi Earth, we plant a mangrove tree in the Happi Forest to…

Create timber and plant products. Mangrove wood is resistant to rot and insects, making it extremely valuable. Many coastal and indigenous communities rely on this wood for construction material as well as for fuel. These communities also collect medicinal plants from mangrove ecosystems and use mangrove leaves as animal fodder.

With every purchase of Happi Earth, we plant a mangrove tree in the Happi Forest to…

Protect our coasts. The dense root systems of mangrove forests trap sediments
flowing down rivers and off the land. This helps stabilizes the coastline and prevents erosion from waves and storms. In areas where mangroves have been cleared, coastal damage from hurricanes and typhoons is much more severe. By filtering out sediments, the forests also protect coral reefs and seagrass meadows from being smothered in sediment.

With every purchase of Happi Earth, we plant a mangrove tree in the Happi Forest to…

Boost conscious tourism. Given the diversity of life inhabiting mangrove systems, and their proximity in many cases to other tourist attractions such as coral reefs and sandy beaches, it is perhaps surprising that only a few countries have started to tap into the tourism potential of their mangrove forests. Places as diverse as Bonaire and offer snorkelling expeditions in and around mangroves to witness a marvellous variety of baby fish, jellyfish, and urchins against a magical background of interwoven roots delving deep into the sandy substrate. Great potential exists elsewhere for revenue generation in this manner, which values the mangroves intact and as they stand.


4. Laundry liquids that smell the best - which one packs the snuggliest aroma?

Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly washed clothes, bed linen and fabrics? Some candle companies have even tried to capture the smell so people can burn it throughout their homes!

We all know that smell when they come in from the line, bright and soft in our hands - there’s very little that can beat it. So how does Happi Earth stack up against the competitors, and which is the best laundry detergent?

Happi Earth exclusively uses certified organic essential oils as the basis for their products’ scent, and feature certified-organic orange essential oil for a subtle and aromatic citrusy smell. No nasties, GMO’s or synthetic scent additives, it’s good for your nostrils and won’t give you a headache with a headyness that’s largely based off of petrochemicals and other chemical agents permeating into your skin.

Cleaning agents, optical brighteners, harmful fragrances, biocides and bleach are just some of the wicked ingredients found in common laundry liquids. Many of these ingredients are extremely harmful to humans, and we will never compromise yours or your families skin for the sake of a pungent smell.

So there you have it! Happi Earth offers a high-quality product that’s better-priced, better for you and better for the environment, so that you can make your laundry, and your life, as Happi as it can be. We’d love for you to join #TheHappiEarthMovement by purchasing a pouch of Happi Earth, and experience the Happi difference for yourself.