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We are people, a company and a movement

At first glance HAPPI may seem like a laundry business, however, we are in fact an enterprise - with a core purpose that can be summed up in the words "Regeneration For Generations".

We all form Happi, from the initiating Happi-preneur, growers of the Happi ingredients, the formulator, IT, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, the customer (thank you) through to those that plant the trees.

It’s ME with the M turned upside down, (WE).

Happi Earth Team

Our Purpose

Our underlying purpose at Happi is to help restore and replant vital ecosystems throughout the world.

We are proud to be collaborating with Arne Fjortoft and his team at the Worldview International Foundation with the Happi Forest, where we have commenced its regeneration by planting mangrove trees.

When you buy a pouch of certified-organic, all-natural Happi Earth laundry liquid, you’re literally collaborating with us to regenerate the planet.

Thank you!

What motivates us

We are motivated to contribute to establishing a circular eco-nomy, a regenerative system that through better design aims to “reduce, reuse and regenerate”, that is in contrast to the current linear economy of “take, make and dispose”. We know we aren’t perfect, but we are committed to use all the resources we have to achieve this end. 

1 purchase = 1 mangrove tree planted 

Mangrove trees have extremely high rates of carbon sequestration - 5 times that of a rainforest tree! This means they actively remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. They are also important breeding areas for numerous marine species like sea turtles, and they improve air quality by filtering pollutants.


Come on this journey, share your story with us!
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