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To make it easy to filter through our FAQ’s, we’ve split them up into our five Happi P’s – Product-Purity, Packaging, Price, Performance and Plant, plus a bit more under Misc and about the company


ALL ingredients are Certified Organic. Happi contains the following ingredients: Organic soapberry nut concentrate. Organic bean glycerine. Organic sugarcane Ethanol. Organic Eucalyptus & Organic Orange Essential oils…..and that’s it! No hidden nasties, no toxic ingredients and no harmful GMO ingredients.

‪Ethanol is an alcohol produced from the fermentation of plants and is not to be confused with methanol – a toxic alcohol usually made from coal. The ethanol in the Happi formula is made from certified organic sugar cane which helps in the removal of stubborn stains on your washing.

With so much green-washing going on around the globe, our biggest point of difference is the fact that Happi is Certified Organic to food-grade standards. This means you can be assured that our laundry liquid is safe, GMO-free and actually organic, unlike so many alternatives.

Being in the organic industry for over 20 years, we believe it is important that the general public has a way of easily seeing the difference between products that are really organic vs merely labeled organic for marketing purposes.

Happi Laundry Liquid should not interfere with the correct functioning of your septic tanks, however as it is a new product we don’t have years of research results assessing this. According to the manufacturers of septic tank systems such as Envirocycle and Biocycle, it is safe to use biodegradable products which Happi certainly is. These manufacturers recommend avoiding using the following types of products for septic tanks:

• Antibacterial solutions
• Caustic solutions like many oven cleaners and drain cleaners
• Disinfectant and ammonia-based cleaners

Definitely not! The Happi formula does not contain any palm oil or palm oil derivatives.

When we looked into making a powdered version of Happi, we obviously found that all powder products (currently) come from a mine of one kind or another and that is something we cannot support. We are firmly convinced that everything needs to be grown, in other words made from a renewable source. For example, you may want to search “Borax mine” and see for yourself the kind of devastation that occurs from powdered ingredients.


With our unique formula, we have packed an entire years supply of washing into just one pouch, replacing about 13 plastic bottles from our environment every year, per household. That’s 13 less bottles being produced and discarded into our oceans and landfill every year!

The pouch is made from kraft paper with a fine BPA-free plastic lining to eliminate leakage. Although the Happi packaging isn’t 100% plastic-free, it is a fantastic alternative to the regular supermarket brands packaged with heavy plastics. What makes Happi stand out even more is the fact that once you’ve gone through 400 washes, you can send it back to us so we can sterilise and refill it.

The Happi pouch is made from kraft paper with a fine BPA free plastic inner lining to prevent leakage. For this reason it is not recyclable. However, to keep our earth smiling and reduce plastic laundry pollution, we have designed the pouch so that it can be reused. Once you’ve gone through your 400 Happi washes, you can send the pouch back to us so we can sterilise and refill it for you. And yes, when you return it, there will be a benefit to you as well.

To make sure your Happi pouches are protected on their way to you, all of the boxes we send are packed with a loose-fill cushioning material made from potato starch. That’s right…potatoes! While we don’t suggest adding it to your dinner, you can place it in your garden as it will biodegrade.

While you don’t need to use the stainless steel pump bottle to use Happi, it does make it easier to measure out the exact amount you need each wash. Just two pumps, which equates to 2.5ml (½ a teaspoon) is all you need for the perfect Happi wash. Having stated that, the less we use the better, so if you have something you can use at home, we would encourage you not to purchase the stainless steal pump bottle.

Note: Please use 2 pumps for the stainless steel, and 3 pumps for the sugarcane bottle.

Our Happi pump bottle is made from sugarcane, a renewable source that is 100% recyclable.


Unlike most laundry detergents that contain up to 90% water just for a higher perceived value, Happi contains no unnecessary water and is a pure concentrate. One litre (34 fl oz) of Happi Laundry Liquid will last 400 washes which works out to be on average between 20% - 60% less expensive per washing load.

We believe in giving our customers a kis (keeping it simple) when it comes to our guarantee, so here it is: Love Happi or receive a 100% Refund, Exchange or Credit within 30 days of the delivery date.
If you would like a refund, exchange or credit for any reason, we would love to know why and request your permission to ask some questions in order to improve our product or customer service. So that nothing is wasted, we may ask that the product is either returned to us, at our cost, or it is given to someone in need (Possibly a homeless shelter)
Happi-ness, it’s our goal

You will soon be able to pay via Afterpay. Stay tuned on the Happi social media pages or subscribe to the Happi newsletter to get updates on when this feature will be live on the site.


Yes, Happi works in both front and top loading machines. For a front loader, just add the Happi Laundry Liquid into the washing machine dispenser. For top loaders, we suggest waiting until the machine is full and dissolving Happi in a cup of water before adding it to your wash.

The average washing load (around 8kg) with Happi only requires 2.5ml (0.85 fl oz) which is equivalent to half a teaspoon. That’s right… half a teaspoon! Or alternatively, if you are using the Happi stainless steel bottle you will only need 2 pumps.

As most laundry liquids contain up to 90% water (just to create a higher perceived value to make you think you’re getting more inside), Happi offers a simpler, concentrated solution that only requires a half teaspoon’s worth in each wash.

Yes you will. An average washing machine load is around 8kg. Depending on the capacity of your machine, increase the proportion accordingly.

As the company’s aim is to reduce packaging pollution, we never intended to send out samples. However we do offer a 100% money-back guarantee for every purchase of Happi Laundry Liquid. This means if you purchase Happi and don’t love it, you can send it back to us free of charge and get your money back.

Yep! The organic glycerine acts as a fabric softener so when you wash with Happi you don’t just get cleaner clothes but softer ones too.

Nope! As Happi contains both organic eucalyptus essential oil and organic orange essential oil which both have antibacterial properties, there is no need to add any other antibacterial sanitisers. How great are essential oils!?

Although Happi formulation has been proven to achieve good results when washing clothes, it is not a whitening product. However, after having independent tests conducted by D-Labs in Melbourne and comparing the effectiveness of whitening against Australia's leading laundry brand, there was a very minimal difference in the whitening performance between the two products. The mainstream laundry brand containing enzymes and optical brighteners scored a 99.32 whereas Happi achieved a result of 98.57. So basically, whether you’re washing your white bleached clothing with Happi or a conventional laundry detergent you will see a dulling effect over time with either product. Based on the results noted above the leading mainstream laundry liquid would take slightly longer for this to occur. 

To brighten your whites naturally try soaking them in very hot water with a small amount of Happi. For an extra kick of freshness, try adding a slice or two of lemon. After soaking, while the clothes are still wet, hang them in the sun which is the best solar powered 'bleach whitener' in creation!

The answer to this question is not so straight-forward as it really depends on the type of stain. Generally speaking however, yes a pre-treatment may indeed be necessary.

Yes, water quality plays a big part in the effectiveness of any laundry product. 

While you don’t need to use the sugarcane pump bottle to use Happi, it does make it easier to measure out the exact amount you need each wash. Just three pumps, which equates to 2.5ml (½ a teaspoon) is all you need for the perfect Happi wash.


We chose to plant mangrove trees for every Happi purchase as they are one of the most beneficial trees for our environment. As mangrove trees have an extremely high rate of carbon sequestration (about 5X more than a rainforest tree), by planting more of them we are actually helping to cool our planet in a big way. In fact, did you know a mature mangrove tree cools the atmosphere at a rate equivalent to three room-sized air conditioners! Mangrove trees also play a big role in filtering plus cleaning water and are important breeding areas for numerous species around the globe. You can now give back to our earth easily and plant mangrove trees, just by washing your clothes!

Introducing the Happi Forest. We are proud to be collaborating with Arne Fjortoft and his team at the Worldview International Foundation to start the Happi Forest area in Myanmar which was a previously damaged forest that we are now rejenerating with the Happi Earth movement.


Standard delivery usually takes between 2-5 days for all Australian locations.

Unfortunately, we do not have a storefront at our despatch warehouse and due to occupational health and safety, we are not able to have our customers purchase or pick up from the warehouse.

To live greener we need to take responsibility and make positive changes for our planet wherever we can. It's the responsibility of all humans to create our preferred future by deciding to act on a scale possible for us, small or large. To get in touch or find out more about the company founder check out Alf’s Linked in at www.linkedin.com/in/alf-orpen. 

Our current goal of planting one million trees is well underway with our first product, Happi Laundry Liquid. But we’re not stopping there! We have several exciting revolutionary products in the pipeline that we cannot wait to announce in the near future. For now, you’ll just have to wait and see! ;)

Your Happi pouch is refillable!

Return your pouch to be refilled and create a waste free laundry routine.

Return your pouch to:

Unit 9,
7 Activity Crescent,
QLD 4214

Please include your Name and if possible your original Order number.

In appreciation, you can then order Return & Refill pouch with a 20% discount at $79.98.


Happi.earth is made by ONEgroup (Organic & Natural Enterprise Group). Our origins stem back to the creation of the world’s first certified organic skin and personal care products under the brand miessence. Visit the ONEgroup website to find out more about our other organic brands at www.ouronegroup.com. Or if you’d like to check out our world-renowned skin, body, hair & health care brand Miessence, visit this brand online at www.miessence.one.organic.

Yes, we are an Australian owned company and manufacture Happi in our factory in Molendinar on the Gold Coast.

The idea for the Happi Earth movement has been brewing for several years. While we have been leaders in the organic industry for over 20 years with other brands, we knew we needed to do better and help give back to our planet in the best way possible. Happi Earth is the result of pursuing several fundamental goals that we have now brought to life with our revolutionary laundry liquid.

1. Let’s produce a product that no one else is making with all ingredients being grown organically.
2. Let’s create an organic product with a price point that will enable us to plant a tree with every purchase yet still let customers save money every time they use it.
3. Let’s design packaging that will reduce the need for plastic. (The inspiration came from a kraft paper coffee pouch with the question arising, how do we put a handle and a spout of such a packaging).
4. Let’s produce a “green” product performs as good, if not better as one made from toxic synthetic chemicals.