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The Happi Starter Pack includes 1 x Happi pouch and 1 x Pump Bottle. Simply use two pumps per wash and watch the Happi magic! One pouch will last you 400 washes (that’s 25c per wash!). With 100% organic ingredients it outperforms some of Australia’s leading laundry detergent brands.
*Please note that this product is available for pre-order only at the moment and will be shipped late August. We are experiencing slight delays on ingredients due to COVID-19 and will continue to keep you updated. Thank you.


Organic soapberry nut super-concentrate
The Happi super-concentrated soapberry extract has superb cleaning qualities, is hypoallergenic and has been used in Aruvedic medicine for thousands of years to treat such skin problems as eczema & psoriasis.
Organic vegan glycerine
Happi uses an organic bean glycerine as a natural fabric softener that also helps to dissolve soils without leaving a residue
Organic sugar cane ethanol
A tough stain remover with degreasing properties that is effective on difficult to remove stains such as coffee and grass.
Organic Essential oils
The combination of organic orange & eucalyptus essential oils in Happi add a pure uplifting aroma that contain natural antibacterial and disinfecting properties.


Animal testing, All synthetic surfactants, Synthetic preservatives, GMO enzymes, Ammonia agents, Butyl Ethers, Chlorine bleach, Phospahets, Zeolites, Synthetic fragrances, Artificial colours, Synthetic preservatives, Fillers and unnecessary amounts of water.


Front loader: Place Happi directly into the dispenser.
Top Loader: Dissolve Happi in water then add to the load for best results.
Just 2.5ml/a half a teaspoon or two pumps from the Happi refill bottle.
This amount has been calculated for an average washing load of around 8kg.
While Happi's performance has been tried and tested at 20 degrees, for best results we recommend washing with water that is 40 degrees or above.


Volume: 330ml (we recommend filling to approximately 70%).
Just 2 pumps per standard wash load (approx 8kg).
Seriously, just two pumps...as there is no unnecessary water or fillers added.

More Affordable

Better For The Environment

Better Performance


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Kirsty C.
Australia Australia
Great product

Great! Especially for kids who are doing there own washing, 2 pumps only required. I've just found my dispenser is leaking around the top each time we pump.

Jacqui B.
Australia Australia
Love this product!

2 pumps and my laundry is clean. Plus I love that the packaging is fully recyclable. My first batch lasted me well over a year. Then I purchased a refill and sent my current pouch back to be reused.

Melanie A.
Australia Australia
Effective, low waste and low-scent: Everything I want in a washing powder

I'm now 5 months in to my first pouch, and I'm really happy with how this is working for us - from my delicates to my toddlers stained kinder gear to my babies nappies. The only reason I've given it a 4star rating is the stainless steel pump. It drips, it doesn't pump evenly or even properly - I've just this week given up on it and replaced it with another I got from elsewhere. Stick to the pouch and don't waste your money on the pump is my suggestion!

Linda S.
Australia Australia
Happi Starter Pack

I’m happy with the detergent but the dispenser is very disappointing- leaks around the top and has to be pulled back up for the second squirt - I wouldn’t recommend unless I was unlucky enough to get a dud.

saul T.
Australia Australia
No more plastic

I just started using this product and am finding Happi Earth to live up to its name. I put a load of whites through and they came up a treat. Love that I can send packet back for a refill and that I don’t have to by plastic. My machine, for its warranty is only allowed liquid. So definitely recommend !

30 day risk-free trial

We know that it might take you a few washes to fall in love with Happi and so you have 30 days to decide. If it's just not for you, we will give you a full refund.

Frequently asked questions

Unlike most laundry detergents that contain up to 90% water just for a higher perceived value, Happi contains no unnecessary water and is a pure concentrate. One litre (34 fl oz) of Happi Laundry Liquid will last 400 washes which works out to be on average between 20% - 60% less expensive per washing load.

The average washing load (around 8kg) with Happi only requires 2.5ml (0.85 fl oz) which is equivalent to half a teaspoon. That’s right… half a teaspoon! Or alternatively, if you are using the Happi stainless steel bottle you will only need 2 pumps.

Yes, Happi works in both front and top loading machines. For a front loader, just add the Happi Laundry Liquid into the washing machine dispenser. For top loaders, we suggest waiting until the machine is full and dissolving Happi in a cup of water before adding it to your wash.

The Happi pouch is made from kraft paper with a fine BPA free plastic inner lining to prevent leakage. For this reason it is not recyclable. However, to keep our earth smiling and reduce plastic laundry pollution, we have designed the pouch so that it can be reused. Once you’ve gone through your 400 Happi washes, you can send the pouch back to us so we can sterilise and refill it for you. And yes, when you return it, there will be a benefit to you as well.